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Reasons to Travel to the Caribbean

Good day peep, Jimmy G over here from the Techy Ninjas cast asking you this one question. Are you weighing options and thinking about your next travel destination? Well, consider visiting the Caribbean. The Caribbean is among the places you can go for an unforgettable vacation. And there are many reasons to travel to this tropical region. Here are some of them.

All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are not unique to most tropical climates. However, you may not argue that a tropical climate isn’t an ideal location for such attractions. When you travel to the Caribbean, you get a chance to savor the sumptuous seafood while sipping cocktails at a poolside bar. And you can even do that relaxing on a beach. What’s more, you access a wide range of activities without researching for hours. Ideally, this destination provides top-of-the-line and all-inclusive travel resorts.

The Beaches

If you’re a traveler that wants to relax on a beach, the Caribbean is a perfect destination for you. That’s because this region has some of the top beaches the world over. Although some of these beaches might look the same, they are different. What’s more, they provide a perfect setting for travelers to enjoy strolls.

The Culture

You may not regret anything for spending an entire day on a beach. However, you could enjoy your experience more by mingling with the people. That’s because the Caribbean hosts some of the most vibrant cultures. For instance, most people know Jamaica for live music. And you can listen to this music during the day and in the evening. So, travel to the Caribbean to explore some of the most vibrant cultures in the world.

The Cuisine

Travel to the Caribbean if you want to enjoy tropical fruits and quality seafood. This region serves foods influenced by cuisines from the French, English, Spanish, Native Islanders, and Africans. And this is among the main reasons why this destination is popular among food lovers.

Traveling to the Caribbean is one of the best things you can do during your lifetime. Nevertheless, take your time to plan your trip to enjoy a memorable vacation.…

Reasons to Travel to Japan

While Japan is largely known around the globe for its technological might, it offers a lot more treasures to delight every traveler. Its culture is a colorful blend of Western modernity with Eastern traditions, allowing visitors to experience the best of both worlds. In case you are wondering, the following are the key reasons why you should travel to Japan. 

Beautiful Natural Scenery and Landscapes 

Despite the countless skyscrapers and installations that litter the technologically advanced Japanese cities, Japan is a country with striking natural beauty. It boasts some of the world’s most stunning natural sceneries backed by vast and thick forests, terrains, mountains, and waterfalls. Some of the key highlights include Mount Fuji, Shikoku Island, and Arashiyama bamboo forest. Japan also has wildlife. 

Rich Culture 

In Japan, you will be able to experience the best of Western modernity and Eastern civilization. One of the best ways to experience the culture is through the local food. Japan has an incredible food scene with delicious authentic Japanese cuisines, western dishes, and some great combinations too. They make their foods with some of the rarest recipes and ingredients that will offer a better indulgence into the culture. 

The cultural experience in Japan is also supported by a stream of festivals and events that occur at different times of the year. Some of the most electric events that usually take place during the summer include Matsuri festivals and Obon festival. The festivals are colorful with spectacular shows. 

Magnificent Historical Landmarks 

Japan has 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which comprise of 17 cultural monuments and 4 natural scenes. Whether you are interested in learning about the history of Japan or making contact with the early relics, there are plenty of historical attractions for the perfect adventure. Examples of Japan’s historical landmarks include the Toshogu Shrine, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Gokayama, and Shirakawago. Japan is also littered with posh temples, castles, shrines, zen gardens, and parks. 

Apart from the above reasons, there are also lots of activities that you can indulge in when visiting Japan. Most Japanese cities also boast several high-end stores, shopping malls, hotels, resorts, and buzzing nightlife. …

Safe Travel Tips for Beginners

A great vacation will become a nightmare if caught guards down and you don’t the best way to react. As such, any trip should be researched and planned for accordingly. This is particularly important because things can go wrong. Unforeseen and unpredicted can happen. To ensure your safety, follow these travel tips for beginners. 

Research and Plan Ahead 

Take your time to research your travel destination and plan accordingly. Come up with a list of the items that you need to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. Also, learn about the culture of the host community and learn a few words from their language. This will enhance your interaction with the locals during the trip. 

Prepare for the Trip

Do you intend to fly, use a car, train, or public transport? It’s crucial to decide on how you will travel and plan accordingly. If you intend to fly, find out more about the airline that you will be using. If you intend to use public transport or taxi, learn more about it before you go on the trip. This will enable you to avoid inconveniences on the road especially if you intend to use public transport. Also, make scans or copies of important documents and send them to your email. This will enable you to prove your identity with ease in case you lose them. 

Enjoy the Experience 

Traveling is largely about enjoying the experience. Therefore, don’t spend all your time on emails or phone. Many people end up not enjoying their travel experiences because they don’t focus on enjoying. Therefore, forget your emails for a while and enjoy the views of the beautiful sceneries that you come across. Spend more time interacting with the locals instead of responding to work-related emails and calls.  

Follow these travel guidelines and prepare for the trip properly to enjoy a safe experience on the road. …

Money Tips for Traveling Abroad

Most people are concerned about their money when traveling abroad. What would happen if you run out of cash in a foreign country and you can’t access your bank account? What if somebody steals your money? How would you get back home? 

These are some of the major concerns that most people have when traveling overseas. Nevertheless, these concerns shouldn’t hinder you from traveling. They should also not prevent you from enjoying your trip. Simply follow these money tips for traveling abroad to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. 

Check Monetary Conversion before the Trip 

Check the money conversion rates before you travel. For instance, find out how much Kenyan shillings you can get for one dollar. Also, check the amount you will be charged to convert your money. Do some mathematics before the trip to determine the right amount of money to carry when traveling abroad. 

Check Whether You Can Use Credit Cards Abroad 

Before you travel, find out whether you can use your credit card in your destination country. Most banks have switched to chip-and-PIN technology because it’s more secure. Also, know that most businesses are no longer accepting outdated magnetic-stripe cards. Therefore, check whether you can use your credit card in your destination country before you travel. 

Use an ATM or Bank in a Foreign Country 

Airport conversion centers and those in the city are a major rip-off. These will charge you hefty fees to convert your money. To avoid this, use a bank or ATM to get an exact conversion rate. 

Carry Local Cash 

Don’t travel without cash in the local currency. This is very important because not all places accept credit cards. As such, you may want to use cash in places like buses and trains. 

Call Your Credit Card Provider or Bank 

Your credit card provider or bank might think that a transaction that you perform outside the country is a fraud. This can prompt the provider or bank to take security measures like turning off your credit card. To avoid this, inform your bank that you will be traveling to a foreign country and you will be using the card there. 

Check the Entrance or Exit Fees 

Some countries will charge you to enter or leave their boundaries. Usually, they don’t include this fee in the airline ticket. Therefore, check whether your destination country charges an entrance or exit fee. In most cases, this fee ranges between $25 and $30.

Follow these money tips for traveling abroad to have an enjoyable and comfortable trip abroad. …

Luggage and Packing Tips for Travelers

When it comes to traveling, many people have difficulties deciding what to carry and what to leave behind. Essentially, no traveler wants to carry more than what they will need while away from home. What’s more, nobody wants to carry items they will not use and struggle to maneuver the airport with huge luggage. And, you don’t want to regret not carrying something while trying to pack light. To make things easier, here are luggage and packing tips to follow. 

Pack Extra Clothes in the Carry-on Bag 

What would happen if you lose your luggage? Does it mean you wouldn’t have something to wear? To avoid the embarrassment, carry extra clothes in the carry-on bag. That way, you won’t mind even if the airline loses your luggage. 

Checking Your Bag 

Airlines have varying guidelines that determine how passengers’ carryon bags for free or have them checked. Therefore, check the rules of the airline that you intend to use to avoid additional fees. If you plan to connect during the trip, find out more about the luggage fees or rules that you will be charged by the airlines. This is very important for low-cost or regional carriers. 

Bring Snacks 

Foreign travels are exciting and enjoyable as long as you plan your trip well. However, eating foreign foods can be a challenging task. Therefore, consider bringing snacks to tide you over when traveling. This will keep you comfortable until you find a perfect food cart or restaurant. 

In addition to these tips, avoid packing or carrying items that you won’t need or use during the trip. Essentially, try to pack light by carrying on the essential items. And most importantly, make sure that you have the right documents and their copies. What’s more, carry an appropriate amount of cash and credit cards securely. 

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Why you should visit Peru in 2020

Planning for a family vacation but don’t have an ideal destination? Well, I have a perfect idea in mind – Peru, South America. It’s affordable and has endless tourist attractions that you couldn’t possibly exhaust in a lifetime. 

From culture to wildlife to beautiful beaches, Peru is a blessed nation worth exploring. In this article, i have highlighted 7 reasons why Peru is a Must-Visit international destination in 2020.

  1. It’s Affordable

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind when planning for a vacation is the budget. If you are on a budget, then you should take advantage of the beautiful attractions offered by Peru at miraculously affordable prices. 

The food is cheap, as low as below $5, and hostels from as low as $10 a night. Still, there are luxurious hotels and resorts that 5-star accommodation, the best option if you most to enjoy the best of Peru. Don’t also forget to enjoy affordable bus rides while shopping at the local markets. 

  1. Friendly people 

Peruvians are known for their hospitality and generosity. The local guides are also friendly, so you can rest assured that you won’t have a hard time getting to where you want to go. Feel free to ask for a hand if you need help throughout your travels. 

  1. Ancient history 

Peru’s ancient history dates back to over 10,000 years. For historians, there are so many fascinating historical and cultural treasures to witness in Peru. You don’t even need to visit a museum to explore ancient history. Wherever you go, you’ll be surrounded by strong memories of Peru’s history and cultural influences. 

However, you can’t afford to miss the ancient Inca ruins. They are some of the world’s most popular and mysterious sites. Make sure you visit Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, and the Machu Picchu ruins. In the southern part of the city, you’ll enjoy ancient cultural heritage at the Nazca Lines, the city of Puno, and Lake Titicaca. 

Peru’s historical and archaeological wealth is endless. You may not have the time to explore it in detail. Your first historical spot should be at the Larco Museum, also known as Museo Larco. The museum building itself was dated back to the 18th century, and it displays an overnight of over 5,000 years of the pre-Columbian history of Peru. 

  1. Spiritual nourishment 

Peru is a blessed nation with rich religious beliefs. Some people visit Peru for spiritual nourishment and advice from traditional spiritual advisors and healers. 

  1. The beautiful beach

Peru also has something for you if you’re looking for a beach escape. For excellent surfing experiences, make sure you visit the Costa Verde, Punta Rocas, and Herradura beaches located in the southern part of Peru’s capital city, Lima. Make sure you enjoy the sunlight and crystal waters in Punta Sal, Punta Hermosa, El Silencio, and Santa Maria beaches. 

  1. Extreme Sports 

For the lovers of adventures, Peru will give you an unforgettable and thrilling adventure experience. There’s so much to enjoy, such as Paragliding in Lima coastal cliffs, taking a dune buggy in the desert, Sandboarding in the giant dunes, ice, and rock climbing, river running along the Amazon’s River, and surfing along Peru’s extensive coastline. 

  1. Wonderful Wildlife 

For nature lovers, wildlife is the number one reason to visit Peru. It’s rich in wildlife, with 8 National reserves, 8 national parks, and 7 National sanctuaries. Make sure you visit the;

  • Manú National Park – discover over 1,000 species of birds
  • Huascarán National Park – houses jaguars, cougars, wild Peruvian camelids, tapirs, and much more. 
  • Tingo Maris – enjoy fantastic views of the cave-dwelling guácharos (oilbirds). 
  • Titicaca National Reserve – visit Peru’s mystical lakes and its beautiful surroundings. 
  • Paracas National Reserve – it’s a marine ecosystem reserve. 


In general, Peru is an exceptionally beautiful country to travel for a vacation, whether you’re doing it solo or with family. As well, the country is pretty safe, so you should worry so much for your safety as long as you remain vigilant.